Rink Data


Our team of experts will help you through the entire process from getting the account activated up until start downloading the data!

Sometimes, even if we know how to scrape data on our own by programming, like using Ruby or Python, you still can’t scrape data successfully for various reasons. In most cases, you probably would be forbidden to scrape from certain websites due to suspicious repeating scraping actions within a very short time. In our case, we use A.I to bust any captcha blocks and get all required data that you need.

Starter Package
$ 99 99
Unlimited Downloads
Up to 2 runs at a time
5 GB Disk Space
Access to 7 Picked Scrapers
Premium Package
$ 149 99
Unlimited Downloads
Up to 5 runs at a time
10 GB Disk Space
Access to 10 Picked Scrapers
Customized Solutions
$ 399
Unlimited Downloads
Up to 20 runs at a time
25 GB Disk Space
Access to all scrapers + customized
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